Kakkou no Iinazuke Manga

Kakkou no Iinazuke Manga

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It’s a good read honestly. I do feel that some parts are a bit stretched out much though. However, the protagonist is honest to his feelings which I think is good for this kind of story. I also just really really like the art style too.


honestly i highly sudjest you dont take the romance to seriously and view it in a more comedic point of view. because the romance is litarally all over the place.

but otherwise this manga is supper unorganized most of the time and honestly sometimes annoying.

But not bad but not great.

the art is beautiful and honestly some of the more high quality modern manga art out there as of today so yeah thats a good one.

and i dont know how to feel about the main heroines sometimes also so yeah beware 


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About Kakkou No Iinazuke

The members of the Umino household are all rather similar: they are energetic and incredibly dynamic—except for Nagi, a serious and introverted young man whose sole focus is on academics. He is the complete opposite of someone like his younger sister Sachi, who is a reflection of her extroverted parents. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Nagi was swapped with another baby at birth.

On the way to meet his true parents, Nagi encounters Erika Amano, a young social media star. While spending the day with her, he learns that Erika’s parents forced a marriage onto her. Later that day, Nagi comes to learn that Erika’s fiancé is actually none other than himself, in order to officially be part of each other’s family. With the goal to build the pair’s relationship, Nagi’s biological father arranges for the fiancés to start living together! However, no matter what tricks their parents pull, Nagi refuses to marry Erika. That is because he already has sights set on someone else: the beautiful and intelligent Hiro Segawa.

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